• Employability Services Evaluation

  • LOCUS concludes Peace III work
  • LOCUS research helps secure Big Lottery funding for older people living with cancer in North Belfast
  • Evaluation of IFI / DE Youth Works Pilot Programme

About Us

LOCUS is a local regeneration consultancy business which was established in 1996 to provide professional consultancy services in the areas of:

  • Economic regeneration
  • Community regeneration
  • Employability & skills

Ciaran Boylan and Maria Curran are the partners, both of which have extensive
experience of local regeneration since the inception of LOCUS, during which time our clients have included:

  • Government Departments
  • Local Authorities
  • Statutory Bodies
  • Funding Bodies
  • Community & Voluntary Sector
  • Private sector

The nature of our work includes:

  • Research
  • Evaluation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organisational / Programme Support

LOCUS prides itself on our ability to offer clients tailored services that meet their needs. We have an excellent working knowledge of the regeneration environment locally, regionally, nationally and within a European context. Key characteristics of our service include:

  • A central focus on the needs of our clients
  • The development of realistic and effective methodologies
  • The development of fresh, innovative solutions
  • Delivery of a high quality end product that exceeds customer expectations


Research is an integral part of all LOCUS assignments. The nature of such research
includes for example:

  • Desk based analysis of government policy and statistics to inform strategic development;
  • Household surveys to inform a local community audit;
  • Telephone and postal surveys to inform local needs / demand analysis;
  • Internet based surveys to reach a large and disparate target audience;
  • The facilitation of focus groups to enable group discussion and debate;
  • One to one consultations.

Our research service is delivered in an objective and professional manner using qualified personnel. All primary research fi ndings are analysed using the widely recognised SPSS package and presented in a comprehensive and detailed report for clients. Such reports will always include a critical appraisal of the implications of the fi ndings for the client, by way of conclusions and recommendations, many of which have informed policy development and local regeneration decisions at a local and regional level.

Clients for whom we have conducted research include:

Belfast City Council
North Down Borough Council
Ballymena Borough Council
Castlereagh Borough Council
Belfast Local Strategy partnership
Derry Local Strategy Partnership

North Belfast Partnership
Cancer Lifeline
Border Action


LOCUS has extensive experience in the completion of Project and Programme Evaluation. Our comprehensive methodologies involve working closely with clients to develop robust and thorough monitoring and evaluation systems that will enable clients to gather information that will determine performance. The implementation of our evaluation methodologies includes:

Development of baselines against which performance can be measured;
Identifi cation of performance indicators;
Measurement of performance indicators using quantitative and qualitative analysis;
Detailed reporting on performance;
Advising on recommendations for improved performance.

Recent clients for whom we have conducted evaluation include:


  • Include Youth
  • Belfast City Council 
  • Bryson Charitable Group
  • Tidy NI
  • DSD
  • Cancer Lifeline
  • West Belfast & Greater Shankill Health Employment Partnership
  • North Belfast Partnership Board
  • Belfast Metropolitan College
  • Belfast Computer Clubhouse
  • Falls Community Council
  • a wide selection of Peace II Projects




Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a process by which organisations define their future direction in terms of their vision, aims and objectives. Such processes necessitate the engagement of many stakeholders and need to be informed by thorough research and consultation.

LOCUS is widely experienced in the strategic planning process and the quality of our strategic planning work is based upon our expertise with regard to:

  • Research
  • Facilitation
  • Consultation
  • Knowledge of regeneration policy on a regional, national and European context
  • Facilitated action planning

The LOCUS approach to strategic planning is one of practical, participative planning, in which LOCUS ensures that those participating are as informed as possible and well facilitated, to enable them to make important strategic decisions. The LOCUS approach also ensures widespread engagement of all relevant stakeholders and recognises and values the importance of facilitating participation.

The quality of our strategic planning work is demonstrated in our ability to contextualise development within current regeneration policy, providing clients with an understanding and appreciation of the policy framework within which their decisions must be made.

Clients for whom we have facilitated strategic planning exercises include:

Ballymena Borough Council
Cookstown District Council
Ards Borough Council
Castlereagh Borough Council
North Down Borough Council
West Belfast Partnership Board

North Belfast Partnership
Invest NI
Belfast City Council

Organisational / Programme Support

As practitioners who have come from backgrounds working in both the community and public sector, Ciaran Boylan and Maria Curran are recognised as being highly skilled in the delivery and understanding of local regeneration initiatives. This reputation has resulted in the commissioning of LOCUS to provide hands on operational support to a variety of both public and community sector organisations in the delivery of local regeneration initiatives. The nature of this support has included:

  • Programme / project management
  • Financial management
  • Strategic and action planning
  • Support to members

Clients for whom we have provided support include:

  • West Belfast & Greater Shankill Enterprise Council
  • Carrickfergus Borough Council
  • REAP (South Antrim LEADER+)
  • Laganside Rural Development

LOCUS has also been successful in the management and delivery of a range of innovative community capacity building programmes which have included:

  • SPEAK Self Evaluation programme
  • IFI Community Leadership Programme
  • Ards Community Capacity Building programme
  • Ballymena Community Capacity Building programme


LOCUS Research Services specialises in the provision of high quality research services to a spectrum of clients aimed at building on key company strengths.


LOCUS has a strong team of evaluators whose background, knowledge and in house research support ensures an accurate evaluation.

Strategic Planning

LOCUS Strategic Planners are experts in research, facilitation, consultation and regeneration policies on a regional, national and European context.

Organisational / Programme Support

LOCUS are highly skilled in programme/project management financial management, strategic
and action planning.